IU : I am with you

User Experience & Interactive Design


IU is an application designed to connect people from different places.

During the years in university, the most popular applications were only Skype or Messenger. We found that a lot of international students have a hard time communicating with their distant family members due to time differences. We created an application concept to give an engaging experience that allows them be able to make short videos. Instead of waiting for both parties to be online to make a video chat, the short videos act as messages where they can send to each other even then though they are offline.

- Share personal moments (short videos as messages)
- Easy to use
- Address timezone conflicts
- Portable
- Always connected


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Balsamiq, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere Pro,


Project Manager, UX/UI Designer, Video Director, Storyboard Designer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor




UX Design

During the user testing phase, we received many positive feedback from international students who tested the interactive video messaging concept. They mentioned that our interface was clean and simple with minimal steps to achieve their goals.